Musa witnesses dividends payment by SCC


1 August 2017, Kota Kinabalu

For the financial year 2016, SCC made a profit before tax of RM60 million with the total asset of RM2.72 billion.

Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC) declared a final dividend of RM14million to the State Government of Sabah for the financial year 2016. The interim dividend of RM8million was paid in 10th January 2017. After the finalisation of the Financial Report, SCC is now able to pay the balance of RM6million.

With the payment of this RM14 million dividend, SCC has paid a total of RM234 million in gross dividend to the State Government since the year 2002.

Together with the payment of this dividend, SCC will also be paying RM888,044.26 to the state as interest repayment for State Government loans still outstanding in SCC.

With the advice of Islamic Banking and Finance Institute of Malaysia (IDFIM), the Shariah Advisor of SCC’s business. SCC will be contributing Zakat amounting to RM 103,565.64 for financial year 2016. This is the third consecutive year SCC is paying Zakat.

To coincide with this dividend payment, the Chief Minister of Sabah, YAB Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Haji Aman, also witnessed SCC, as part of SCC CSR initiatives, contributing over of 3 Key Portable Eye Surgical Accessories worth RM352,980 to Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) represented by the Director, Dr. Heric Corey.

Sabah has the highest incidence of Bilateral Blindness caused by Cataracts in Malaysia with an estimated over 30,000 or 1.1% of Sabah population. This is a Partnership in Service between SCC, QEH and Rotary Clubs of Sabah. SCC contributed in these Portable Eye Surgical Accessories, QEH will be contributing the facilities in the various district hospitals and Rotary is donating a grant of RM 380,000 to purchase the cataract lenses for these operations.

SCC is grateful to be able to give back to the government through the dividend payments and to the people in Sabah through its CSR initiatives.

SCC is thankful to the State Government helmed by YAB for the continuously and concretely support to SCC. The constant affirmations from YAB made it so much easier for the Board and Management to venture beyond its comfort zone and undertake more business ventures.

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