Penjelasan : Sijil HALAL Kedai FOOK YUEN Expired


Sijil Halal Fook Yuen Tamat Tempoh sejak tahun lalu


Maklumat terkini yang diperolehi melalui perkongsian oleh Wakil Barisan Pengguna Sabah selepas berhubung dengan Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Sabah (JHEAINS) adalah seperti berikut :

  • Sijil halal Fook Yuen telah expired
  • Fook Yuen telah dan masih sedang untuk renew sijil halal mereka sejak bulan Ogos/September tahun lepas tp sehingga sekarang JHEAINS belum meluluskan atas sebab2 tertentu.

Menurut Wakil Barisan Pengguna Sabah yang bertanya samaada Pihak JHEAINS akan mengeluarkan apa-apa KENYATAAN berkaitan hal ini, JAWAPANNYA TIDAK. 

Para PENGGUNA diharapkan dapat untuk fikirkan sendiri hal ini. Sekian dan terima kasih.

Lagi Perkongsian :


Ricky Sian, in Malaysia, it is quite confusing. Things are somewhat complicated. Please allow me to explain. I’ll do the best I can.

Halal status nationwide is being administered and approved by JAKIM but because each state has its own governing religious department, so for Sabah, it is JHEAINS (state level and still is under the jurisdiction of JAKIM). So they are the bodies approving and declaring one’s halal status for eateries etc. However, any enforcement on violation of halal cert/status etc is being enforced by KPDNKK, another govt dept but working hand in hand with JHEAINS & JAKIM.

Thus, if we were to find out the reason for Fook Yuen’s halal status being revoked, JHEAINS is the only right body to clarify it and not KPDNKK because KPDNKK is just the enforcers and not the approving body of one’s halal status.

In my personal opinion and yes it is derived from my conversation with JHEAINS officer that I spoke to just now, the major point we need to think and focus on to, is why for almost half a year now that Fook Yuen has been trying to renew their halal status but still unsuccessful? This is where we are supposed and hoped to think about as consumers.

On the other issue, ethically, Fook Yuen should not have continued to use and display the halal logo once its halal certification has expired, not to mention renewel not approved or unsuccessful. It is the law but I can’t remember the exact law or section that states this. I would also say, the conduct of Fook Yuen using and displaying the halal logo when they know and realize the certification has expired and renewel unsuccessful, they have misled and cheated consumers especially muslim consumers.

The law says such violation is punishable by fine. I hope the authorities will charge them for violating this and to deter other food premises/eateries to not take halal matters lightly


KREDIT  kepada Puan Hashima Hasbullah atas perkongsian ini

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