Tun Mahathir VS Najib


Tun Mahathir VS Najib Sabahan Perspective


The so-called ‘IC Project’ surfaced during TDM’s reign as PM and it took DSNR’s strong political will to unravel the mystery by approving RCI on PTI in Sabah
The highest number of Sabahan in Federal’s cabinet as Full Minister during TDM’s era was NEVER more than 3 or 4 with very insignificant fortfolios of Minister of Land n Cooperative or Minister in PM’s Department. But during DSNR’s era now, Sabah have 6 Full Federal Cabinet Ministers holding very important posts like Rural Development, Local Govt n Housing, Foreign Affairs, Green Energy etc.
During TDM’s reign of 22 years, Sabah was reduced to just a muted receipient of 5% Petroleum Royalty annually. But now PM DSNR gives his blessing and in fact instructed PETRONAS to allow mainland Sabah to create its own Oil and Gas Hub for Petroleum Industry to grow including downstreming processing. For the 1st time in malaysian history, a sabah govt wholly owned company M3energy SB is allowed to participate in Upstream Business of Exploration and Production of Petroleum by getting 25% share in Production Sharing Concession PSC of two onshore Oil Blocks in East Coast of Sabah( coincidently at the expense of SapuraKencana partly owned by TDM’s son Mokhzani Mahathir n this could be another reason of TDM’s anger towards DSNR)
During TDM’s 22 yrs as PM, no real effort being done to develop Sabah’s poor road network. In fact, during PBS reign in Sabah, Federal Development Fund was reduced significantly to Sabah as a form of blanket punishment and instead the fund diverted to West Malaysia to cater for mega projects there. Now thru DSNR’s regular visits to Sabah including the interior, he understand the needs of Sabahan and their aspiration for better road linkages equivalent to what west malaysian have been enjoying for decades. Pan Borneo Road Project costing RM27b was initiated to link Sarawak and Sabah in the next 5-10years.
During TDM’s reign, nobody dared to say ‘NO’ to his decision but in DSNR’s era as PM , he is willing to listen to Sabah’s requests, consider and accomodate Sabah’s justified requests. In the case of Pan Borneo Sabah Project, earlier decision was to award the mega project to west malaysian entity of UEM-MMC ( owned by Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary another blue-eyed boy of TDM). But Sabah’s cabinet met DSNR and extended state govt decision to reject the decision and preferred a Sabah consortium of local Sabahan experienced and financially-capable contractors be given the honour to undertake the project , as it was done in Sarawak..
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